Fire Command - Powerful Personal Fire Protection!


Fire Command is a portable and convenient fire-suppressant product containing a specially formulated UL-Certified professional foaming agent. This compact, fire fighting product is packaged in an easy-to-use 16oz hand-held canister and dispenses a very effective jet foam that can put out small fires, including paper, gas, oil, grease, electrical, and wood fires.


Fire Command is perfect for use at home, especially the kitchen, as well as on the road, on a boat, in a workshop, or many other applications where this handy fire-suppressant may be needed to suppress small fires.


The quick-aim actuator trigger, coupled with a lightweight rust-resistant aluminum container, makes Fire Command an easy and portable safety product that can be used by virtually anyone and anywhere where fire safety is needed.


When compared to leading competitor, Fire Command’s product also sprays longer in distance, over 7 feet and up to 10 feet+! Fire Command dispensed foaming agent also lasts longer in time (over 40 seconds+) when compared to leading competitor products on the market.


Fire Command is a safe, non-toxic product that is PH neutral. It contains no toxic materials listed in Title III, SARA 313 or RCRA40 CFR part 372 or CERCLA. Fire Command is propelled by an eco-friendly propellent, biodegradable, and contains no CFCs. Better for our environment!


At product expiration, simply spray the unused content of Fire Command into your shower or sink, rinse, and then recycle the aluminum can in accordance with your local recycling ordinances.


Now you can take precaution and have comfort in being safe with a product that is friendly to the environment. Protect your family, friends, and property anytime you’re working with small fires with Fire Command!

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© 1978 - 2019 Kittrich Corporation.