Con-Tact Brand

Whatever the room, whatever the surface, Con-Tact Brand® brands got you covered! With our latest innovative and fashion-forward products in sophisticated colors and patterns, Con-Tact Brand® products continue to lead the industry. Our colors are coordinated from one substrate to another so our customers can mix and match to their delight. Our new adhesive Creative Surfaces textures take Creative Coverings to a whole new industry level. Our fabric-plus-grip, Luxury Fabric Liner combinations promise to provide our customers with elegant décor options in addition to luxury drawer liner. And as you can expect only from Con-Tact Brand® brand products, our new high quality Shelf and storage liners lead the industry in quality and value.

  • “Grip products” in many assorted sizes and styles
  • Hundreds of “Creative Covering” patterns in different substrates.
  • “Premium and Specialty Liners” in every color and design imaginable.

Con-Tact Brand

Con-Tact Brand® Turf is a high quality quad-color artificial grass product with the realistic look and texture of natural blue-grass sod. Con-Tact® Brand Turf features a low-luster, rich color array of blended polyethylene green fibers, with a true-to-life curled brown thatch underlay, providing an authentic real grass look to your new lawn, landscape, staging area, or architectural design.

Con-Tact Brand® Turf has numerous residential and commercial landscape applications, including usage for lawn surface areas, gardens, playgrounds, parks, green belts, pool & spa areas, pet areas, decks, lanais, patios, sunrooms, high-rise balconies, recreation rooms, lofts & green roof tops, atriums, courtyards, indoor day care centers, outdoor dining spaces... the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Many benefits of Con-Tact Brand® Turf include water-conservation, easy & low maintenance, all-weather durability, beautiful year-round lush green look, resilience in harsh drought prone environments, and ultimate monetary cost savings when compared to the long-term maintenance costs involved in cutting, fertilizing, and watering natural grass.


On June 24, 2011, Kittrich Corporation acquired the assets of Vantage Industries, LLC. Vantage is a diversified manufacturer that conceives, designs, and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products that can be found in virtually every home, office, and retail store. Through extensive research and development projects, Vantage has generated successful products, including rug underlay, shelf liners, place mats, bath mats, yoga and physical therapy mats, non-slip poster boards, and among others. Customers value our integrity, product, innovation, low cost structure, financial strength, and outstanding customer service.

  • 100% vertically integrated manufacturer and marketer of multiple product lines
  • Multiple products replaces petro-chemical plasticizers with 100% plant base oils
  • “Premium and Specialty Liners” in every color and design imaginable.


EcoSMART® set out to create the world's safest, most effective pesticides based on natural plant ingredients back in 1992. Today, EcoSMART® offers consumers a completely safe alternative to traditional synthetic pesticides. We have 16 years of scientific research and a wealth of patents behind us. Our mission statement: To be the global leader providing botanical, safe & natural pesticides leading to a cleaner & greener environment.

  • Safe Around Children and Pets
  • EcoSMART® products are as effective as traditional synthetic pesticides
  • It's Safe, It's Effective, It's Smart - Naturally!


Legaré® is the world’s most revolutionary furniture. An award winning new concept that’s trademarked: FTA™ or Fun To Assemble. Our mission is to create high quality, functional furniture that assembles instantly, transports easily and occupies minimal space. Our modern, innovative designs target the student, home and professional workspace with a variety of modular desk systems, computer desks, bookcases, file carts, media furniture and a colorful assortment of youth bedroom furniture.

  • Amazing 3 Minute Assembly
  • No Tools, No Hardware , No Problem
  • Lots of Leg Space, Work Space, and Storage Space
  • Long Lasting, Reversible Design


Promarx® division of the Kittrich Corporation develops and markets multiple products in the Writing Instruments and Stationery lines. Promarx® is known as a prominent source to some of the largest office supply retailers in the world. Strength of Promarx products is derived from use of exclusively developed raw-materials, components and processes. We combine unique ingredients, efficient production processes and economies of large scale production to bring reliable products at competitive prices to our customers. Trust Promarx products to deliver great performance every time. Make your mark, with Promarx!

  • Setting higher performance standards, even for basic products.
  • Superior components and ingredients.
  • Pioneering new materials and technologies.
  • Exceptional value at affordable prices.

Little Twig

At Little Twig we want to provide families with safe and natural bath time alternatives. That is why Little Twig products are developed with the advice of pediatricians and real-life parents. When formulating each product our priority is to ensure that each of our formulas is safe and mild for newborn skin as well as the entire family. Choosing only the ingredients that are proven to be mild and effective is our goal in creating products for families. Each product is an example of our commitment to quality, and that is why we completely guarantee each product.

  • Gentle and safe bath products for the entire family
  • Cruelty free products packaged in highly recyclable plastic
  • Our commitment to guaranteed quality for the community and the environment


For over 50 years Rupaco Paper Corporation has been manufacturing premier mat boards. Our commitment to bringing innovative products in mat board quality, design, and durability has lead Rupaco to the forefront of our industry. Through techniques unique to Specialty Mat board, we have created a line of decorative mat boards whose hallmark is an unbelievable richness and texture. These sophisticated finishes have allowed mass production on processes that before could only be attained by using painted or fabric laid mats. Our mass collection of over 100 colors ensures you will find exactly what you are looking for.

  • Vast experience is manufacturing top quality products
  • Extensive line of product sure to meet everyone’s needs
  • Innovative and Visionary

RCP Tracks

RCP Tracks are the leading manufacturer of all Race Tracks for remote control (RC) vehicles around the world. RCP Tracks are marketed and sold in over 35 countries around the world and are used in over 5,000 homes, offices, hobby stores and racing facilities. Some of the top RC Car manufacturers use our tracks for testing their products, and for putting on regional and championship racing events.

Each track can be assembled in different patterns or could be designed for the user needs. Our tracks are the official track of the RCX Expo Mini-z races. Come visit us each year as we set up a huge 40’ x 25’ track where the pros from around the US come to compete in head to head action. RCX is the largest and most dynamic event in the world of RC, drawing record-breaking crowds who want to see the latest and greatest products in action. With an RCP Track, you’ll race like the Pros!

  • Best modular RC Car track system
  • Unlimited track expandability and options
  • Highest quality track on the market


Con-Tact Brand

Echols by No Bugs M’ Lady has been around for 40 years providing top quality poison free pest control products to some of the leading retail stores across the USA. Echols products are preferred by leading Pest control experts for their product effectiveness and ease of use. Echols by No Bugs M’ Lady target leading house hold pest like mice, rats, silverfish, cockroaches, ants, water bugs, and fly’s. No poisons, No baiting, and No mess when using Echols pest control.

  • Wide range of pest control products
  • Conventional Mouse and rat traps, Sticky paper traps,and boric acid powders and tablets.
  • No Poisons, No Odors and No Baiting

Magic Cover® brand decorative coverings offer the broadest line of fashion vinyl products in the market today. An innovative and visionary approach propels us to look beyond the typical shelf covering products of the past. Our easy to use and versatile decorative coverings encompass every living and storage space of the home, shop and office. Our many fashionable colors and patterns create endless possibilities in decorating your living environment.

  • Versatile and washable substrates
  • Excellent quality

Kittrich Promotions

Kittrich has earned a pristine reputation for distinctive, high quality screen printing with precision registration, superior customer service and fast turnarounds. With our state-of-the-art 18 color automatic Anatol Vindicator presses, M&R Chameleon manual press, and one of the only 4 color M&R Predator belt printers in the country, we’re able to execute even the most complex designs with ease and speed without sacrificing quality.

Over the past decade, we’ve proven time and time again that by removing the traditional limits of screen printing, we are able to turn our client’s imagination into reality. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering avant-garde techniques, unique special effects and boutique quality prints at affordable rates with exquisite service that surpasses your expectations from beginning to finish.


The WallUp!® An Instant Portable Wall & Privacy System, provides an instant privacy wall, a temporary wind barrier or shaded protection from the sun & elements.

This 6’ x 12’ wall sets up in minutes, with minimal skill or effort. It’s an easy one-person set-up & take-down that neatly folds into a handy tote bag. Simple, sturdy design bends and configures, requiring no strings to anchor and keep upright. It’s a product like no other! Lightweight & compact, it weighs less than 12 lbs. and resists wind gusts up to 15 mph. Flag cloth screen is made from quality polyester and includes 4 eyelets for additional functionality. Fiberglass-reinforced poles are durable and constructed to withstand long-term use.

Fire Command

Fire Command is a fast acting, fire-fighting jet foam spray packaged in a handy 16oz canister.
Made in the USA, Fire Command fights small paper, gas, oil, grease, wood, and electrical fires.
As a fire-safety option, Fire Command is great for household, auto, marine, workshop, and outdoor fire safety.
  • Fire Command is compact, portable and convenient for usage by virtually anyone
  • Sprays farther & lasts longer than the leading competitor product
  • Affordable, 5-Year shelf life - costs just pennies a day for added fire safety
  • Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Zero VOC product content
  • Recyclable Aluminum Won't Rust - Available in 2 packs, 6-packs, and 12-packs